Our farm began to provide ourselves and our family farm fresh food not born from factory farming and processing. Healthy food free of transportation preservatives, growth enhancers, antibiotics and genetic engineering. We have been fortunate to bring together years of family experience in commercial agriculture with the sustainable natural farming practices of the future. Our purpose is to provide you and your family high quality beef, pork and poultry raised naturally in the Texas sunshine.

Braunvieh Cattle

Providing high quality grass fed beef starts with finding the right breed. Our requirements were excellent mothering, proficient grass conversion, adaptable to our Texas climate, and hand workable on a small farm.

Braunvieh Cattle fit the bill perfectly. Braunvieh are one of the oldest cattle breeds known and are adaptable to environments from the Swiss alps to the tropics. This docile breed is a dual purpose beef and milk breed which leads to excellent calf growth. Braunvieh beef has excellent marbling, but not extensive extra fat. Their muscle structure enhances our beef cross breed cattle for a premium beef for your family's table.


Glousectershire Old Spots (GOS) pigs are a heritage English Breed known for their good nature, climate adaptability and success as a pasture breed. These wonderful docile pigs also known as orchard pigs were nearly extinct few years ago as they were not well suited to warehouse factory farming. They need sunshine, good forage and feed to thrive.

What you get from a little sunshine and pasture is a beautiful more red meat color pork that is well marbled, tender and flavorful and great on the grill, in the oven or added to your favorite recipe.