We pride ourselves in providing our family and yours farm fresh food direct to you online or at local farmers markets. At Kraus Family Farms we raise our products naturally, sustainably and humanely. No Hormones, No Prophylactic Antibiotics or beta-antagonists and plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Food quality and taste from before Factory Farms.

We produce Heritage Gloucestershire Pork, Pasture Raised Chicken and Coming in Early 2024 Grass Fed Beef. We use sustainable farming practices and gentle humane handling to give our livestock a great life and you great food for you and your family.

Shop online here at krausfamilyfarms.com or visit us at our local farmers market booth locations.

Home Depot Market Saturday March 9. Lake Jackson, Tx Home Depot, 2024 9am -2pm

Brookside Village Farmers Market March 10, 2024 10am to 2pm

Peach Street Farmers Market Angleton, Tx Saturday March 30th 9am to 1pm